How Much Caffeine Are You Having?

This screen shows your current caffeine level

Are you a big coffee drinker and ever wonder how much is too much? I love a capuccino or a latté every day, but I usually only have one. Sometimes I might have two, and on a very rare occasion, I will have three. When I hit the three mark, I usually begin to worry if that is too much, at least for me. And if I go out for dinner and have a capuccino afterwards, will that have an effect on my sleeping?

I came across an iPhone application called Up Coffee. It’s a free app that is really simple to use. Tell it when you usually hit the sack and enter what type of coffe and how much during the day, it it will figure out how much caffeine you have in your system and how long that caffeine is going to take to wear off completely.

I just started using it, but I really like the concept of it as it tells you if you’re getting close to being wired or if your sleep probably won’t be affected.

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  1. Reblogged this on Forget the Viagra, Pass Me a Carrot and commented:
    Sounds like a useful app – I can usually tell when I have had to much coffee as I decide to do the housework at 10.00 at night. But I do love a really good cup…


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