Your Illness Is Not A Punishment

I grew up Roman Catholic, did the secondary and primary catholic schools, and being the person that I am, I questioned everything, so much so that I have the distinct honor of being the first person ever in the history of my high school to be put out of religious class and banished for an entire term to study hall. I was not put out for bad behavior, but rather for daring to question the establishment of the Roman Catholic religion.

This began my love hate relationship with not just the Catholic Church, but with religion as a whole. I don’t follow any religion, and always tell people that my religion is me and my church is Earth. Don’t get me wrong, but just because I am not religious, it does not mean I am not spiritual. I am very spiritual man, I just don’t conform to a single religion.

Growing up Catholic, I am fully aware of the “Catholic Guilt”. Anything that happens negatively in your life is a punishment from God. I read so many posts that express this sentiment – “Why do I have sarcoidosis? Why has God punished me? What sin did I do to deserve this now?”

My God is not an angry or vengeful God. He/she is a caring loving God, and the fact that I have sarcoidosis is not a punishment bestowed on me because I did something bad in this life or in a previous one. I have sarcoidosis because I am human, and shit happens to a human body because of environmental and genetic reasons. Not because God is sitting on a cloud throwing down thunder bolts at undeserving humans. And even if God did “give” me sarcoidosis, it’s not for some punishment, but for me to learn something from it, to be a better person somehow because of it. The purpose of my getting Sarcoidosis was probably to start this blog and try to put some positivity in other people’s lives.

Everyone needs to look at everything in their life differently. When something negative happens in your life, look for the lesson you were supposed to learn from that, instead of the reason why.

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  1. dannysarcoid says:

    Hi Basil , Its me Danny Bornschein – I have your package all ready to be shipped to your home BUT I deleted all my emails by accident and your address where you wanted it shipped to was one of those emails can you please email me where I can ship your supplements to again – So Sorry Danny B Thanks
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