I Am Changing The Name Of My Blog


I decided to change the name of my blog, and the change will take effect hopefully on March 30th. I was mulling around with the idea of changing the name for some time now, because there is so much power in words, and the name of my blog was not sitting well with me anymore.

d4c43534-99e7-4c5d-aab9-7528f032c612Have you ever heard of the Japanese man who took microscopic photographs of frozen water crystals when different words were placed on a bottle of water? The book is called “The Hidden Messages In Water by Masuro Emoto. In it are photographs of what water crystals look like when certain words are pasted on a bottle of water. Place the word “Hate” and the water crystals become uneven and all out of shape. Tape the word “Love” and the crystals are the most beautiful, perfectly formed snow flake looking crystals. The photographs in the book are truly amazing and I highly recommend you take a look at the book. We average about 60% water, so just imagine what the power of words do our bodies. If water alone reacts to words on paper, what about all the cells in our body. What happens to our water crystals when certain words are attached to us? Attach the word peace, and our body is healthy? Attach the word Sarcoidosis and do we just feed the disease already within us?

I realized that basically my blog, my Twitter feed, my Facebook page and my e-newspaper are all entitled “Life With Sarcoidosis”. The original intention of this blog was to share with others my life experiences coexisting with the disease of sarcoidosis, but more and more I realized that by having the title “Life With Sarcoidosis”, it essentially put my life in a bubble of sarcoidosis. And my life is not about sarcoidosis, or heart failure, or pulmonary hypertension, or having a defibrillator. These are parts of my life, but they are not my life.

Recently I also realized that my postings here on the blog, Twitter and Facebook were changing. My message is more about just living a positive happy life despite all the crap that we all have going on. and the message is just not limited to people with sarcoidosis.

I don’t consider my life to be with sarcoidosis. And by saying in writing that my life is with this thing, I feel as if those words are making me hold on to the disease, so I need to let go of the word sarcoidosis, and all its connotations.

I already changed the name of my e-newspaper from “Life With Sarcoidosis Daily Review” to “Sarcoidosis News Daily Review” because my paper is different from the blog and social feeds. It is really mostly just about sarcoidosis news, not my life. What a difference that made. I will be changing the name of my Facebook Page and My Twitter Feed also to what ever I name my blog. I realize that by my doing this I will probably lose a lot of people, but those that are meant to be here will be here, and those that need to find my words will find them.

I will still write about my experience with having sarcoidosis, and heart failure, and pulmonary hypertension, but there is a lot more I feel I need to write about in order to live a positive happy life. Because I have a disease, it does not mean that I need to live my life for it.

I did do a slight name change in 2011 by adding the word “My” before the blog name, but eventually changed it back. This time the word “Sarcoidosis” needs to be out.

I am still throwing around a few ideas in my head, but none of them will have the word Sarcoidosis in it. Have any ideas for a new name? I would love to hear some ideas. Feel free to leave an idea for a new name in the comment section.


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  1. Living for the Fun of it. (Make your life more than just your illness..) <— here's my suggestion! 🙂


    1. Basil Rene says:

      Thanks! Nice one. 😀


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