Compromising Health For The Sake Of Appearances

I just purchased a new smart thermostat called “Nest”. It supposedly learns your habits and adjusts the temperature according to your preferences. It supposedly even knows when you are away from home and lowers the heating to conserve power. In doing my research I found that a lot of people keep their houses between 55F and 60F in winter. Honestly, I was shocked, and out if curiosity I looked up what is the most energy-efficient temperature to keep your house, and basically the answer was that it depends on the house and outside temperature. The colder it is outside, the lower you keep your home. the average though is 67F.

Shoes-PicI grew up in the Caribbean, just 10 degrees north of the equator, where it was hot and humid every day. When I moved to the US I fell in love with the climate in the north-east, but winter was a shocker. And now as I get older and my health is compromised, I find the cold very difficult to tolerate. And so we keep our house between 70F and 72F. Left up to me, I would keep it at 80F, but I do think about the planet. 72F I can handle if I put on a sweat shirt. Anything below 65F and I think I am looking at the possibility of getting sick.

The thing that got me though, was a video about the Nest thermostat where a woman was saying that she liked to keep the house “warm”, at 60F, so to keep the heating bill down. 60F was warm? While she was speaking to the camera, she was sniffling and obviously had a cold.

I thought to myself about this, and I am not critiquing anyone and their life style, but this woman in the video had on obviously very expensive clothes and accessories, manicured nails, and her home was very lavishly decorated. I wondered how many people sacrifice heating to keep up their lifestyle at the risk of getting ill. I see so many people who get sick in winter and wonder just how much of a contribution living in cold houses adds to the condition. I can't imagine going into a 60F bathroom to shower. Before I hit the shower I turn the heat up so the bathroom is warm when I get in and out.

The same with food. My wife and I buy only organic, fresh foods when available. It's not a hippie thing, but a health thing. In our budget, food, good wholesome food is the priority. I see financial experts on TV setting up budgets for people and having them cut back on food! They encourage purchasing food on sale and on clearance, but they always make sure to allocate money for clothing. Really? How much clothes do people need? To so many, everything is always about outward appearances. Money first goes into getting hair and nails done, new clothes, a closet full of shoes and of course, don't forget the hand bags!

I buy clothes as I need it. I really don't care if someone sees me in the same outfit twice. Many people are out there making impressions with their rented clothes and stuff, and hardly providing for their own well-being. (Rented? Yep rented. Most is paid for in credit, so it really is rented until you pay it off. The credit companies really own that stuff.)

I know that there are many people out their that can barely afford the heat in their homes and I fully understand that and am not addressing that. Poverty sucks, and I think that the government should be doing something to help those in need with their heating. But for those with their fancy clothes etc., I wonder how many are putting their health at risk in order to keep up appearances.


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