Beeping Because Buddy Beckons



I wrote before that I am waiting for my defibrillator's battery to get to the change threshold of 2.62v, and I am still waiting. As of this week, my battery's level is still at 2.64v, so I seem to have a while to go. When my battery does get to the 2.62v level, I am told that my defibrillator will beep, and it will sound like a truck backing up in my chest. What a strange concept.

alarmThe other night when my wife and I were getting ready for bed, we both heard this beep that was not a repetitious beeping sound, but rather a long steady beep for a few seconds. We realized it was my defibrillator, and the next morning I called my electrophysiology cardiologist's office and told them that I think my defibrillator beeped last night. If it did get to the replacement threshold, then my defibrillator would have automatically sent a wireless transmission to the clinic. They didn't have report, so they said to send in a manual transmission again. I did and they called back and told me that the battery was still at 2.64v and had no idea why my defibrillator beeped. I think they thought it was my imagination, and I was beginning to wonder so myself.

That night when we went to bed there was no beep, but the next morning when we woke up, I picked up my iPad to check the weather and rested it on my chest next to my defibrillator and it beeped that long beep again. I knew it was not my imagination and my wife said that the iPad was causing the defibrillator to beep. I looked up on the medtronic web site and after some digging, found that if a magnet is placed on the defibrillator, it deactivates it, and when the magnet is removed, the defibrillator beeps a long audible beep and restarts. So I called the clinic, and the tech said she was about to call me because coincidentally, one of their doctors that has a defibrillator and uses an iPad on his rounds rested the iPad on his chest and it beeped, and they realized that the iPad's magnets were strong enough to deactivate the defibrillator. For a magnet to activate a defibrillator, it has to be pretty strong, so I now have to be very careful about using my iPad when I am in bed. No more reading with that thing on my chest.


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  1. This sounds kind of scary… Be careful where you go because there are magnets everywhere!

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  2. Yipes! That scared me more than any horror movie! Good thing you found out early enough. It’s scary to think your defibrillator actually got deactivated…

    I’m an A-to-Z’er, BTW, in case you’re confused who’s this girl who just barged in here to comment 😉


    1. Basil Rene says:

      The good thing is that it turns itself back on once the magnet is moved away. At least now I know I can drop my iPad on my chest if ever my defibrillator ever goes berserk and starts to shock me for no apparent reason. And welcome. Glad for the comments! Hope to see you around these parts again!


      1. Please, please, please keep the iPad off and far enough from your chest. We don’t know what might happen next…Sorry, I’m just a bit concerned…


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