Can Caffiene Cause Cardiac Cavorting?

This Is A Blogging From A To Z April 2014 Challenge Post


I never was a coffee drinker until one day in May 2006 when I went to see an Ayurvedic practitioner after being diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and he said to me that coffee will actually help my breathing.

“But I don't drink coffee” I said.

“Ever been to Starbucks?” He asked with a grin. “It's not just plain coffee anymore”.

And no, I never saw the inside of a Starbucks until after I left his office and stopped at one a couple of blocks away, as he suggested. I walked through those doors and that was it. Before me was displayed a menu of things I never heard of before, and it made it all so exotic. The cashier asked me what I wanted and I told him that I am not a coffee drinker and what would he suggest for a coffee virgin. He told me to try a hazelnut frapuccino and from then on I became a coffee drinker, so much so I have a coffee maker and a cappuccino machine with a milk frother. Although I buy the occasional frapuccino, I prefer lattés and cappuccinos.

In the past couple weeks I had an increase in ectopic heart beats, otherwise known as skipped beats. Everyone has them, but most people don't feel them. Mine are very strong when they occur. It feels as if the heart stops, takes a second, and then squeezes hard and regains its rhythm. It can be somewhat uncomfortable. I usually get a few a week, but lately it has been frequent.

I went to my doctor who detected a few while he was listening to my heart, so he sent me down to the lab for some blood work and then had me go to my cardiologist in the next building.

The cardiologist did an EKG and interrogated the defibrillator which indicated that I was having an average of 84 skipped beats a day. So my options were to increase a certain medication I take called Coreg, which already makes me drowsy as it is, so I nicked that suggestion in the bud. The other was to just wait it out and see if it passed on it own. That's what I went with. I take way too much medication as it is.

One of the things that can cause ectopic heart beats is caffeine, and although I only have one latte or cappuccino a day, I decided to cut back to see if there was any correlation between the two. I usually drink decaf, but of late I have been having regular, so I have to stop for a while to see if it is the coffee.

It's been a few days now and I find myself craving a cappuccino in the afternoon. A few years ago if you were to tell me I would be missing coffee I would say you were mad. But here I am now, a coffee drinker and missing the stuff. You never know where life will take you, even with the smallest things.


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  1. Laitie says:

    This is very interesting. How does caffeine help you breathe?

    Caffeine doesn’t make me wake up or fall asleep. But everything else in the Noz energy drinks do wake me up. So I am easily addicted to caffeine (we think something’s wrong with my thyroid). My mom is scared for my health, as caffeine is really bad for you. Let us know if you figure out whether it’s the caffeine or not. I wish you the best of luck.


    1. Basil Rene says:

      Hi Laitie. I will have to look it up again, but I did do some research on it and found that their is a chemical in coffee that does help with opening up the lungs, and it is only found in caffeinated coffee. I don’t remember the name of it, it’s been 8 years now. I barely remember what I had for lunch yesterday! 😀


  2. rolandclarke says:

    Hi Basil. Fascinating A-Z post as love the smell of coffee but it doesen’t agree with me, except in extremely small quantities. But then I have Multiple Sclerosis and the MonSter doesn’t like coffee = increased heart rate, stomach spasms and light-headedness. Have to stick to moccachinos.


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