Forbidden Frolicking

This Is A Blogging From A To Z April 2014 Challenge Post

A week ago, on April 1st, the state of Connecticut closed its beaches to dogs, which I always find so crazy! New York beaches are open to dogs after 6:00pm in the warm months, but if you are not familiar with it, Connecticut is the most antiquated state in the northeast.

Their rules and regulations are, (how should I put this delicately?) in place to keep non Nutmegers out of the state. Their beaches are closed to non residents in some towns. In Greenwich a few years back a jogger from out of town dared to jog on a Greenwich beach and was immediately arrested and charged.

The closest beach for us to take our dogs is in Connecticut and the one we go to, allows dogs only from November 1st to April 1st.

I fully understand the reasoning behind the dog restrictions because there are a lot of people that should not own dogs and think that it is beneath them to pick up their dog's crap from the beach, and as a result, everyone suffers.

But to close it in April? Really? Who is using the beach in April? Why not close it the first of May? The beach air is also really good for my lungs too, but it's so unfair to go by ourselves without the dogs and then come home smelling of beach and get them all sad.

Oh well, I can bitch and moan as much as I want, but it is not going to change the fact that our dogs had their last romp on the beach until November.


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