Grace And Gratitude

This Is A Blogging From A To Z April 2014 Challenge Post

I believe that everything that happens in my life is a learning lesson, be it negative or positive. When something happens in my life, and this is even before I discovered I have sarcoidosis, I look at it as “What am I supposed to learn from this experience?”, and another thing that gets me through a lot of hard times is the thought “It could have been worse”.

I am not Mr. Perfect. I don't profess to know very much, but I am an expert on me, and even then I am learning new things about myself every day. I get mad, I get sad, I get worried, but I don't stay that way. That's the difference. I don't go into panic mode. I think things through and try to analyze what it is that this is supposed to mean.

When it comes to my health, I fluctuate. I have a lot more down days than I do up days, but I try my best to trudge through those down days and fight my way to make it an up day. What the hell would wallowing in self pity accomplish other than to make me waste a precious day on this planet, wallowing in self pity? If I start to feel my self getting low in the health department, I rest. Then I get my ass up and move. I do something. If I am not physically capable to do physical work, I will write on my blog, or do something that does not require physical activity, just to keep me as close to normal as possible.

The one thing above everything else is I learned to be grateful, grateful for everything. And I mean everything. The first thought that enters my head when I wake in the morning and I figured out exactly what day it is and if it is morning or I am waking from a nap is “Thank you”. Just thank you to the universe, to God, to what ever entity is responsible for letting me see another morning.

I am also thankful for little things. Being eternaly thankful for everything helps to make the day so much happier. Learn to put a twist on everything that you consider to be negative. My job requires that I travel a lot in summer. I am away from home at least three days every week from May through September. In the beginning I hated it, and as each summer came along, more and more I detested the thought of that three to four hour drive every week away from home.

Then I realized that it was doing nothing for me to be like that. I was stressing myself out, so I decided to change the way I thought about it. I decided to look at it as a road trip. We have XM Radio in the cars, and I love listening to stand up comedy, but only listen when I am alone in the car, so I looked at that long drive as an opportunity to listen to three hours of funny stuff. What better way to spend a drive, other than laughing. After a while I began to have no problem with the drive.

Learn to express your gratitude for everything. When we are at a restaurant, I make an effort to thank the server for everything. I mean everything. If they bring a glass of water, put down bread, anything. I have been in their shoes already, and it is the one of the most under appreciated jobs there is. And it's funny, when you say thank you to people, a lot are put off by it, even uncomfortable. Eventually they get used to it and appreciate it. And I always tip well.

When I walk through my day, if I get the wiff of the flower's perfume, I stop for that second and appreciate it, and be grateful for the flower for sharing it's beauty with the world. I am also grateful that i have the ability to smell that flower. There are a lot of people who don't have that simple ability. Think about that a bit. Think about all that you can do, even with your conditions.

I know that for many with chronic illness life can be and is extremely difficult, but think about how much worse it can be. How much worse? Think dead. You were given this life for a purpose, and to be anything other than gracious and full of genuine gratitude with it is an insult to the higher power or powers that bestowed this gift to us. So, next time you are having a shitty day, stop for a second and ask yourself, “what about this day I need to learn about myself”? Appreciate those that are at your side, taking your crap and still at your side. Be thankful. Always and forever, thankful.


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  1. Sopphey says:

    Great post. I think you’re amazing. I’ve only read your post because of the A to Z Challenge, but I just know you’re amazing.


    1. Basil Rene says:

      Wow! Thanks Sopphey!


  2. Great stuff! So much in life seems to be about the attitude we choose. Sometimes I’m amazed and saddened by those people who seem to perpetually choose grumpy, complaining, plodding unhappiness. I want to shake them and say wake up, smile, lift your eyes, be alive, there’s a beautiful world out there!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Basil Rene says:

      Wouldn’t that be great if we could?

      Liked by 1 person

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