Killing With Kindness

This Is A Blogging A To Z Challenge Post

There is nothing I dislike more than rudeness, especially in the customer service and medical field. I had rants on this blog before about the rudeness of nurses, and had a long back and forth with a nurse that insisted that nurses were not paid to be kind, and for a nurse to be kind was not in their positin description. But that is another story.

Often, I would find myself going into and internal rage at the first sign or rudeness, and more and more I find that I encounter it everywhere. I know that I am not rude, and I make it a point to always be cordial when dealing with anyone. But the minute I get rudeness, I switch. I get really snide and sarcastic, and even combative and let the person know that they are being rude.

However, lately I started to take a step back and I wondered, was it me? Was I the catalyst for the rudeness. I am not talking about my attitude. What I mean is that I have such an allergy towards rudeness, was it just rearing its ugly head at me? You know when people are allergic to cats, when a cat enters a room it heads straight for the person with allergies, or for the person that does not like cats? They say negatives attract.

With that thought, I decided to take a different approach. I know that people have a lot of shit going on in their personal lives, and it is difficult to leave the shit at home. Non the less, I still believe that is no excuse for being rude. But, there is room for compasion, and kindness. From me.

I have no idea what it is that the other person is dealing with, and even though there rudeness is not excusable, I realize that many people have no idea how to keep the personal side of their lives personal. So instead of getting my back up when people are rude, which only makes them ruder really, I changed my tune, and decided to kill them with kindness.

The ruder they are, the more I smile and be kind, and most of the time, it turns the other person around. Most of the time. There are just some people that are happy in their misery and may never change. But still, I keep the kindness going in the hope that those going through something bad in their lives have just one moment of “nice” in their day.


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  1. rolandclarke says:

    I admire your understanding. So tough to be positive in the face of rudeness/contempt/rejection whatever. We are having a frustrating struggle with a phone company over getting connected. Keep making promises and not delivering. We try not to be rude and turn the other cheek. Just been told we have to wait another two months. Wish we knew who to be kind to.


    1. Basil Rene says:

      Oh, I know it’s tough sometimes. We are only human. I am not familiar with how things work in the UK, but here in the US, at least in the Northeast, when we are not getting our way, we threaten to take our business to the competition, of which there is plenty, so we usually get a response quickly.


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