Losing LBS Leisurely

This Is A Blogging A To Z Challenge Post

In 2006,when I had my open lung biopsy to confirm my diagnosis of sarcoidosis, I was 10 pounds under weight. Today, eight years later, I am 25 pounds over weight. That, according to my doctors is not bad considering that I am on prednisone for eight years now. People put on a lot more weight than 25 pounds apparently, so I should be grateful.

Non the less, I have surgery coming up sometime soon to replace “buddy”, my defibrillator, as the batteries are almost at the replacement threshold level.

Before all this stuff happened, the sarcoidosis, heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, I went to the gym every day and worked out on the treadmill and the weight machines. I also hiked a lot. I have not seen the inside of a gym for a few years well.

Having pulmonary hypertension as a condition caused by sarcoidosis of the lungs and heart, means that my body does not get enough oxygen when I am active, and so unable to exercise like I used to do. Although I am able to still walk the treadmill, and I use oxygen when I walk, when I stop, my legs are all weak and shaky for a while.

The good thing though is that prior to all this I always had naturally very muscular legs, plus years of racquet sports, biking, hiking and working out of the gym only grew to make them stronger. Having a good foundation has been very helpful with my condition now. I am able to walk at a brisk pace, but only feel the effects when I stop.

I remember working out at the gym once in shorts, something I very rarely did, and these huge weight lifters came over to ask how I got my legs so muscular. Apparently muscular calves are a “thing” with weight lifters. When I told them it was just natural, they were all envious and going on and on about my having lucky genes, a conversation that really weirded me out, so I never wore shorts in the gym again.

Now I do need to lose those extra pounds as I am having surgery in a short while to replace my defibrillator and I want to be as physically fit as possible. I started a diet plan that you won't find in any book store diet section that I am on now for three weeks, and I already lost 6 pounds. I think most of that is water weight though.

I want to go slow, losing about just 1 1/2 pounds a week. So I will be walking the treadmill, and doing some Pilates, stationary bike, yoga, rebounder and sit up machine which we have set up in a spare room. As for the diet, I eat healthy, but not depriving myself. If I was cake, I'll eat it. I eat everything and anything, just reducing on my sugar intake a bit, but there is no fad dieting going on here.

I hope that by the time I get on that operating table to be close to my goal weight and a lot more physically fit.


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  1. Those really sound like healthy activities!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Basil Rene says:

      They are. Just have to keep up with them. 😀


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