Macy’s Memories

This is a Blogging From A To Z Challenge Post

Lady In Red. Dress made entirely of flowers at the Herald Aquare entrance to Macy's

Last month, my wife and I went to Macy's Herald square in NYC for their flower show. As I walked through the revolving doors on the corner of 35th and Herald Square of the “World's Largest Department Store”, the warm air welcoming me from the chilly outside air of New York City, the smell entered my nostrils, awakening my olfactory nerves, and opening up the memory banks of a time long gone.

Spending almost every Monday in that store for about four years, I learned it's insides, every nook and cranny, and I registered its smell forever in my brain. Just as a child knows the smell of its mother, over those years, I learned the smell of that store that was my refuge for a day. On most Mondays I would go into that store and wander every floor, riding the original escalators installed over a hundred years ago, that still operate today, their wooded stair treads clanking noisely as they faithfully carry millions of shoppers up and down the many floors of the vast store.

And as I rode the old escalator up to the sixth floor on this visit to eat at the Italian restaurant that was not there when I patrolled the floors in the past, I remebred the cafeteria, with it's old diner appeal, with it's low counter and chrome stools with red plastic seats. As my wife and I ate at the new Italian restaurant, and easily spent over one hundred dollars on dinner, I remebered the days we would go into the Macy's “Diner”, not much money to our name, and I would order the “Tuna Surprise”, a tomato cut into a star with tuna salad on it, which was an extravagant menu selection for me back in the late 80s at $4.99.

And taking the clanking elevator back down to see the flower exhibit on the main floor, the layout was slightly different from when last I was in the store about twenty four years ago, but it was still Macy's. The giant store that aforded me a few hours to just get away, to wander and dream.

And as I passed the area where the hair salon used to be, I remember the really extravagant purchase of a Mason Pearson hair brush to keep my then awesome mullet in place, at the astounding cost of $80.00, a hair brush we still have today.

Going down into the basement floor known as “The Cellar”, I remember going down there and looking and admiring all the kitchen appliances and gadgets, and looking at each one in detail.

I had not been back to that Herald Square Macy's in almost a quarter century, and forgot about how it was a sanctuary of sorts, and as we made our way out of the store, I gave it a silent “Thank you” in gratitude for the shelter it provided on those hot, or rainy, or snowy, or freezing Mondays that I would go in their to pass some time, and dream.


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