Putting Up With Pesty People

This is a Blogging From A To Z Challenge Post

Putting up with certain people can many times bring me to the point of frustration. There are just some people, that no matter how understanding and positive you are trying to be, you just can't deal with them, or want to deal with them.

I do try to be compassionate, and try to see things from their side, but their side is a lot of the time very confused, and I get back on my side as soon as possible.

So the only way to deal with that sort of thing really and truly is just eliminate those people from your life. Why go through the trouble of trying to meet them half way when they only want you to come on their side. It is just not worth your sanity sometimes.

And what happens if circumstances make it difficult or unrealistic at the time to eliminate those people from your life? I guess the only thing you can do is to keep calm and smile.


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  1. Yup, that’s what I do most f the time 😉

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  2. Patrick Sackor Jr says:

    Thanks so much, I find myself in such condition, been thinking of the solution.
    Thanks alot

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