This Is A Blogging A To Z Challenge Post

Definition: The supposed production of offspring completely unlike either parent

The other day I posted about a very happy family visit, but the fact of the matter is that I was visiting my wife's family, all of whom I love and would drive hours to see. My own family? Well let's just say that if it were a half hour drive, it wouldn't be such a thrill.
My family is very negative, and do everything in their power to bring down anyone and their attempt to improve themselves. Because of this, I kept everything to myself, and still do. I am called the “secretive” one. When I was diagnosed with sarcoidosis, I told no one in my family. They only found out when I had to have heart surgery and my brother came to visit me in the hospital, just as the heart failure specialist was going over my prognosis. I then had to explain what it was I had, and you know how that goes? You tell one and then you have to tell the others too.
I never conformed to my family's way of living, or thinking, which always annoyed them all, and essentialy made me the “black sheep”. But I often think that it is because I don't conform, that I question everything, and as a result, took my health into my own hands, instead of allowing doctors to have the power. When it comes to my treatments, my doctors know that they can suggest, and I am the one that will decide what tests and tablets I take. Many times I corrected them on certain things, because each doctor only treats “their” condition, and fail to put the other conditions into consideration.
Many people look back at their childhood and their family and regret that they had such a childhood or were born into a certain family. I look back on my childhood and my family, and although it wasnt perfect, I look back and wont change a thing, as it made me the man I am today, and the man I look at in the mirror is definitely one with whom I am happy.


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  1. dannysarcoid says:

    Boy does this sound familuar lol – i only wish i never told my family about my sarcoid because they couldnt handle it and starting blaming my wife for my sickness mean while she is the one that was there every day fighting this disease with me – So we had to let the negative people family or friends not be apart of our lives – Sad but true

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