Yell? Yes, Yell!

This Is A Blogging A To Z Challenge Post

Someone taught me a wonderful technique for relieving daily stress and any internal anger that I might be holding, and just not letting it out. It's quite simple really. Just curse and yell.

The trick though is to do it in the shower. Maybe yelling in the shower won't work for you as you live with other people, or in an apartment. Then yell into a pillow, and curse in the shower.

It may sound weird, but why curse in the shower? Everything is energy, and words have energy. If you curse into your pillow, you are leaving that energy in and around where you will be laying your head to sleep. Curse in the shower, and you release the anger and the words are washed away with the water, down the drain.

Try it one day. You may think you look crazy, but isn't it crazier to keep the curse inside you. Let it out. Free yourself and you will feel lighter.


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  1. hah i love this, I have tweeted it 😀

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