I Completed The Blogging A To Z Challenge!!

Happy May First! Well, I did it. I took on the “Blogging A To Z Challenge”, and put up a new post every day (excpet Sundays) for the month of April, and each one had a letter specific title. The First was A, second was B etc.

It proved to be a difficult challenge at times, as I usually am not a scheduled person, and having to make a posting commitment was good discipline. Having to do a specific letter on a specific day, was at times daunting, but I always came up with something.

I met a few new people along the way and came across some interesting blogs too. I did not do this for blog traffic, but it did bring extra, and from it some new followers.

Having to come up with posts specific to a letter of the alphabet did have an interesting effect for me though. Many of the post made me go deep within and reveal a side of me that I knew was there, but never really exposed. It brought about a couple of personal revelations about myself, to myself, and as a result was really a truly positive experience.

As of tomorrow, I return to my old format of Motivational Mondays, Flashback Fridays and regular posts in between as I feel fit. No pressure to perform. Thanks to all of my readers for putting up with my challenge, and welcome again to those new to following this blog last month.


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  1. sounds good and congrats

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  2. Congratulations! I, on the other hand, is still at it. I do want to finish so expect me to still post in relation to the challenge 🙂


    1. Basil Rene says:

      Good luck. It’s good to be finished!😀


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    Well done Basil -it takes some doing….

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  4. Congratulations for a fantastic A to Z! I’m visiting on the A to Z road trip, and have read through all your April posts. I pretty soon I realised I had something to comment on almost every post, and in the end didn’t comment on a single one…
    It was very refreshing to read about your constructive way of dealing with life. I recognise certain things, as my husband a few years back was diagnosed with a kind of tumor that is not very common (paragangliom, often and also in the case of my husband, it’s benign). It’s been a strugglesome journey with surgery and radiotherapy, followed by a TIA and stroke. He is not blogging about it, but is very active in support groups and immediately became active in a (Dutch) patient association. That’s his way to use his experience to help others, and to try to bridge gaps between different medical specialists.
    I am sure your blog is of great help to others with the same diagnosis, and their partners/families. I’m glad I found you here!


    1. Basil Rene says:

      Wow, that is truly some binge reading you are getting in! Thanks for visiting and liking all the posts too. I wish your husband well, and you too, as it is not only the patient that has to deal with these things, but sometimes it is harder on the spouse and family members than it is on them. Best to you. BR


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