Flash back Friday – Stress Less Stress Test

Originally Posted December 2, 2010
I recently read an article from a doctor at Mt. Sinai about stress tests not actually being stressful. You can read the article at http://ow.ly/3ibOL.
I had a few stress tests in my time. My first was when I was in my early thirties when I knew something was wrong and no one could find anything. They all have been quite uneventful and actually quite a stress free experience as the doctor in the article states. Except for two, and one was actually performed by this doctor at his facility. The other was my last.

The last one was a piece of cake, but for some reason it triggered the onset of a fibrillation which was controlled by Buddy, my trusty defibrillator sitting in my chest. The one conducted by the doctor in the article happened in 2009 and although he was a really nice guy and the actual test itself was fine, the events leading up were stressful.

When I went to the echo lab at Mt. Sinai, I was greeted by a very pleasant intern who directed me to the room the test was going to be conducted in. The test I was having required a saline drip as they were doing an initial check to see if my PFO was leaking. The intern stuck a needle in my arm and nothing. No blood. She removed the needle and tried again. Nothing. She then decided to try my fore arm. My veins are pretty big and I never had a problem getting an iv before. No luck. She then pulled out and tried my hand and bent the needle. I am a very patient person, but that’s when I told her enough! Stop stabbing me and get a nurse that knows how to place an iv. She insisted that she could do it, but I told her to step away and get a nurse and not touch me again. She left and a nurse came and did it correctly the first time! I swear that nurses are smarter than some doctors. Overall though, stress tests are pretty stress less, unless you are a couch potato and the thought of getting on a treadmill scares the bejesus out of you.

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