Have You Seen This Man?

Painting of Jesus by Akiane Kramarik

I recently saw the movie “Heaven is for real” based on the true story of a young boy that went to heaven while he was having major surgery. He would later recount a very detailed description of heaven and what he encountered while there. He said that he met Jesus and sat in his lap. When his father, a pastor, showed him all of the conventional images of what is portrayed as Jesus, the boy told his father that Jesus did not look like that and was difficult to describe. He said that Jesus had eyes that were blueish green.

Later on, as his father did research into other people that said they met Jesus in Heaven, he came across an article about a young girl that went to heaven and painted an image of what he looked like and when the boy saw it, he told his father that was what Jesus looked like.

The thing is, before this movie, I never heard of this painting of Jesus, which many people that had near death experiences and went to heaven said that this is what Jesus looks like. Not one thing on Twitter or Facebook. But there are millions of tweets and post about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and what they were wearing.

Kenny Loggins

I am not religious, but I do believe that Jesus walked this planet, as did Buddha and Mohammed. And I wonder how all the people that love to thump their bibles and try to shove their version of christianity down everybody's throats in the name of Jesus have not started to use this image more frequently instead of the conventional one used for centuries? Is that if they do, they are confirming the possibility of heaven, but not the way they teach it to bring fear into their congregations? Or is it that the are sceptical because someone already looking like that image was famous in the eighties?



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