Feeling Like The Air Is Heavier Than Me

These past two weeks have been tough physically for me. I usually have my sarcoidosis days where I have very little energy, and virtually no physical strength. They usually last a day or two and then I bounce back, have a day or two of lots of energy, and then another one or two sarcoidosis days.

These past two weeks though have been nothing but sarcoidosis days. I can't seem to catch myself. I am continuously tired, and have no physical strength. I was helping my wife move some flower pots, or rather she was helping me, and I was exhausted after moving just three, and each felt like they weighed a ton. Normally, I could move these pots by myself.

I have to admit it is frustrating, and I hope that it gets better soon. It has been a little humid here in the northeast, but not oppressive. The temps are only in the low 80s and I am having difficulty. What's going to happen when the real heat gets here?



Written by Basil Rene

I maintain three separate blogs. One is LifeAsAnAnomaly.com where I discuss my life, AChefTalksFood.blog, where as the name implies, I talk about food and lifeasanomalyphotosblog.wordpress.com where I post photos.


  1. I’m hoping the universe takes note of the pattern it has taught you to expect and this spurt of sarcoidosis days is followed by an equal number of low-fatigue days!


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