Give Up On The Old You And Adjust To Life With The New You

All too often people with a chronic illness such as sarcoidosis tend to lose all hope and get bogged down in the illness. I know there are days when it seems like all hope is gone, but there is always hope. Hope for a better day.

Flash Back Friday – Traveling With Sarcoidosis

Originally posted JANUARY 3, 2011 The last time I traveled by plane I flew from NY to Phoenix via Chicago. It was the first time I flew since having my surgeries and I was not fully prepared. Having sarcoidosis of the lungs and heart and heart failure with an implanted defibrillator does have its challenges…

Buddy Is Going To India And Out Of My Life

I learned a long time ago to accept in life that nothing lasts forever. All relationships will, and must come to and end, no matter what. It’s reality. And so it is with my good friend Buddy and myself. My time, or rather, Buddy’s time with me has come to an end. It’s time for…

This Is Truly The Only Way I Can Make It Through My Day

This cartoon I got from the Facebook page, Off The Leash, a page dedicated to cartoons about dogs and their way of thinking. I couldn't help but laugh at this one, as I was in the midst of writing about my memory, or rather lack of it, and saw this cartoon, about a dog named…

Happy Father’s Day To The Man I Called “Dad”

I hopped into the large green car, put to sit in the middle between my two elder brothers, and with excitement I looked to the front seat where my father sat behind the steering wheel, looking straight ahead, not even glancing at my mother as she entered the passenger side, and everyone was silent.

I Crossed 60K Views

Yep, I crossed 60,000 views on my blog. To most it may not seem like much, but I think back to the days when the only views my blog got were me, looking at how the posts look! Ha! Thanks for subscribing and visiting!   Written by Basil Rene © 2014 All Rights Reserved

What A Baby Deer Reminded Me Of Today

I went to visit a friend whose property is bordered by an electric deer fence, which gives deer a gentle shock to keep them out of the property. I went for a walk alone on the extreme edge of the property, and there relaxing on the inside of the fence was a beautiful female deer.