Give Up On The Old You And Adjust To Life With The New You

All too often people with a chronic illness such as sarcoidosis tend to lose all hope and get bogged down in the illness. I know there are days when it seems like all hope is gone, but there is always hope. Hope for a better day.

Your days may never be what they used to be, but you now have a new level better to work with. Don’t strive to accomplish what you used to, but just strive to accomplish what you can now. Stop living in the past. You have a new you to work with and although you may prefer the old you, it very likely is never coming back. So give up on that old you. Think of it as a relationship that has ended and look to the new you as a new relationship to grow with.

Stop looking back and just move forward with the new, slower, more tired you. Just try to find the good and capabilities of the new you. Just be happy. It’s the only way you will ever feel better. It’s a sure fire way to find the road to peace.





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  1. Amen, as always you have my prayers!


  2. very true words this is one of the biggest stepping stones in moving on xx


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