Today On Fire, Tomorrow On Ice

Yesterday I helped my wife in the garden to get some heavy lifting and planting done before my surgery next week as I will be restricted in my lifting for a few weeks, and I had a ton of energy yesterday and today I am drained. So it is with sarcoidosis.

I am not complaining, quite the opposite actually. Although I am not able to do as much as I used to do prior to getting sarcoidosis, the fact that I am still able to do so much is such a blessing that I so appreciate and am grateful for every single day.

Instead of sitting around and sulking about my limitations, I try to kick sarcoidosis' ass and push through until I can't go anymore. It's my way of fighting back. Yes I pay the price the next day but I have the satisfaction of what I am able to accomplish despite this disease and it's accompanying conditions.

Everyday I wake up and I realize just how blessed I am to still be on this planet and still be able to do so much. Life is good. It is very good.


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  1. a very positive post, like it! :-0 I always know I will pay for things later, does sometimes make me nervous, sometimes i ignore those warnings x


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