What Do You Mean I Can’t Shower For Three Days?!

In a few days I will have my implanted defibrillator replaced as my current one has reached its battery threshold, and I received the post op restrictions from my doctor's office. Among the instructions is no showers for three days.

Today On Fire, Tomorrow On Ice

Yesterday I helped my wife in the garden to get some heavy lifting and planting done before my surgery next week as I will be restricted in my lifting for a few weeks, and I had a ton of energy yesterday and today I am drained. So it is with sarcoidosis.

Flash Back Friday – Have A Little Faith

Originally posted JANUARY 6, 2011 I received an email from a reader. Here is what it said, and below is my response. Hello, I found your blog last year and have followed your entries regularly. I find your entries witty. I have cardiac sarcoidosis and was diagnosed in 2008. I was told that I would…