Flash Back Friday – Self Cleaning For The Soul

Originally Posted January 10, 2011

The native Peoples of different lands have different rituals for cleansing the soul. Being part native Amerindian myself, I am drawn to the ceremonies for healing and cleansing done by native cultures. I am a firm believer that you can not get your physical self better if your emotional and spiritual selves are screwed up.

There is a native American ceremony that I like to do on the New Year, which is intended to be done on every full moon. It is very symbolic, but there is a lot of reality in symbology. It is called the 14 stone ceremony. If you chose to try doing it, you can do it when ever it feels right for you; your birthday, the first of the month etc.

Here’s a modern day variation of how it is done. You will need 14 stones, a bell, and a sharpie marker. Collect 14 stones, preferably small flat stones that you can write on. Choose the stones with care and honorable intention towards the purpose you are trying to achieve, which is getting rid of negative aspects in your life and allowing new positive intentions in its place. I always ask the planet’s permission to use the stones as a mark of respect towards the planet.

Think of seven negative traits you would like to rid yourself of and write each trait on one side of a stone. Think of seven positive traits you would like to have and write each of those on one side of the remaining seven stones.

For each negative trait, say to your self something like “I no longer allow anger in my life” or anything to that effect. Don’t say ” I will no longer …”. Say it as if it is already that way. When you say your intention, ring the bell once and turn the stone down. Repeat this process for each negative word/aspect. Now do the same for each positive aspect. The idea is that you have taken away seven negative things and then replacing them with seven positive things.

When you are finished, thank the stones for taking away the negative and delivering the positive. Now take the stones and toss them into the ocean, lake, river, or bury them.

I like the ceremony because rather than just saying you will not have some negative aspect in your life, you literally make a physical mark towards it. Try it. What’s the worst that can happen other than you get rid of some negative spiritual/emotional crap that may just be hindering you from getting any better.



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  1. Ameo says:

    Very pleased to read this. I am also part Native American. I recently threw a bunch of stones into the ocean while asking for light to shine on some inspire friends. I didn’t know this tradition but will certainly adjust my stone tossing to make it legitimate!


    1. Basil Rene says:

      It is a very cool exercise.


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