Flash Back Friday – Prednisone: My Nemesis

Originally Posted January 11, 2011

See the end of this post for an update on this post

It’s confirmed, I’m pre-diabetic. I had a blood test called an AC1hemoglobin blood test which checks yourblood sugar levels for the last three months, and a pre-diabetic range is 5.7% – 6.4%. At 6.5% your are diabetic. I’m 6.2%. That’s some scary stuff.

My diet is pretty healthy. So how did I become pre-diabetic? Prednisone for five years, non stop can do that to a guy plus putting on 30 pounds over the last four years. Such a damned catch twenty two. Damned if I do, damned if I don’t. It’s reversible though. I just have to lose the 30lbs I put on over the last four years. Yep, that extra fat around the gut can bring on diabetes. Usually you need to put on a lot more than thirty pounds, but prednisone amplified everything.

I tried coming off prednisone many times over the past five years and all with bad results. I just do really badly when I try tapering off. Suspicions are the sarcoidosis spread to my heart during one of those tapering off times, so now no one wants to take the chance. I have basically been told that my system is so screwed up from taking prednisone that it looks as if I am unable to produce my own prednisone anymore, so i have to take the little tablets everyday for the rest of my life.

Now I am pre-diabetic because of the extended time on prednisone, and having a diabetic brother adds to the family history of the mix. What do I do? First off, I have formed the mind set that I am going to reverse this. I will not become a diabetic, and I am going to lose at least 25 pounds and leave the pre-diabetic classification. I intend to do this by June of this year. That’s my next hemoglobin blood test to determine my status. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: I was able to get my sugar levels back down to normal just by changing my diet and exercise. I still haven’t been able to get rid of those pesky 30 pounds, but I am trying. I am once again trying to taper off of prednisone, and currently am down to 7mg a day. Will take a few months, but this time I am going to come off of the damned demon drug after eight years of being on it constantly.

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  1. Oh, geez. I know how it is living with diabetes. Well, not me, really, but with it in the family. My mother had been diabetic ever since I can remember, and it runs in her family. I don’t think it does in my father’s family, but the screwed diet and inactivity that became his lifestyle after he suffered a mild stroke and had to stay at home surely caused his diabetes to develop. My sister is diabetic as well.

    So far, and I hope never, I am not diabetic. I tend to be inactive nowadays but once in a while, I do try to be more fit. I’m stocky for my short height, and based on our “initial weigh-in” last week for our office’s Biggest Loser challenge, I’m overweight. Actually, I only need to lose .29 of my BMI. That’s definitely not a lot, but based on our challenge last year, it was frustrating to keep going on a seesaw as no matter how much I tried, I kept losing and getting back more or less than just ONE to TWO pounds. Often, I only needed point-somethings. I do try to not be too overweight because I am scared of developing diabetes. Which is why I am a bit scared of getting pregnant in the future. Pregnancy has been the cause of some women’s diabetes, probably mainly because of the inevitable added weight…

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