Stuff Happens. Just Take It In Stride And Smile

The amazing sunset on our last day

I just finished the best vacation I ever had, a week in sunny beautiful Southern California. The entire time we were there we continued to live in east coast time to keep with my medicine schedule, which worked out perfectly. We decided to take the red eye home, leaving CA at midnight eastern time, getting into JFK at 5:00. Well that was the plan.

When we arrived at the airport and checked in, we were told that our flight was an hour late. No problem we thought, we could handle an hour. We breezed through TSA and headed to our gate, and sat in another empty gate area away from people. I just prefer to keep my suppressed immune system in check.

I looked up at the departure screen and saw our flight departure was now two hours late. I called JetBlue to find out what was wrong and they told me that the problem was weather related. Huh? It was beautiful in CA and I knew from talking to family back home that it was a sunny day in New York too. I checked on the arriving turn around flight on my app called Flight Status, and the map showed a huge band of thunderstorms going across the Midwest, and that plane needed to go around it by flying up into Canada and then back down to San Diego.

My wife and I decided to roam the airport before the stores closed and then got a late dinner at one of the eating places. When I checked my phone, our flight was now going to be three hours late because the incoming flight had been diverted to Las Vegas. Eventually the plane came in from New York at midnight California time and they told us that we would board in about half hour. Then forty five minutes passed and we were told the flight was cancelled.

We didn't get mad or upset. We listened to their instructions to return to the ticket counter and get rebooked. Of course there had to be those that began cussing and shouting, but I was okay that they cancelled because they probably prevented 150 people plus crew from becoming the morning news about a plane crash.

Two and a half hours later we had our flight rebooked for the following night, and were in a cab paid for by JetBlue to a hotel for the night, also paid for by JetBlue. By the time we checked in it was almost 3:00 am and by the time we showered we wouldn't get to bed until around 4 am, so I asked the front desk clerk for a late check out since our flight wasn't until 9 pm. She told me that she could give us until 6pm to check out and that we would have to pay $60.00 for the late check out. I agreed and we went up to the room, showered and hit the sack until noon.

We went down for lunch, and had a really nice walk around the marina for a couple of hours, went back up to the room, showered and came back down at six, only to find the late check out was free. So we put that towards a nice dinner on the hotel veranda overlooking the marina and we experienced one of the most beautiful sunsets we have ever seen.

We took the hotel shuttle to the airport and were the only ones on it, so it went directly to our terminal and dropped us right at the door for JetBlue. We were the only ones at check in and the only ones in TSA, and breezed through like nothing. Next thing we were on our plane headed back to New York. We had an extra, beautiful day in San Diego, and loved it.

What's the message here really? In life, stuff is going to happen no matter what, but once you are prepared that stuff will happen, and you are willing to accept it and work with it and try to make the most of the situation, everything just might turn out to your advantage. The universe knows what it's doing. Keep positive, stay happy and life will treat you right.



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  1. I think you just invented a new genre, the “feel good-blog post”! Great to hear about your holiday and your openness and positive attitude.

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