Plane, Trains And Sneezing People!

“AH-CHOO”! I hear it behind me, in front of me, at the side of me and instantly I hold my breath and go the opposite direction as fast as I can. That's easy enough when I am in a supermarket or out in the open. But what can I do when I am in a plane, a train or a room in a meeting and there is no where to go and not enough time to run?

I've said it before that I am a germaphobe, but not so much so until I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis and went on prednisone which suppressed my immune system, and later when I learned I have heart failure and secondary PAH, and that catching a flu could potentially be fatal for me. The thought of traveling on a train or a plane, closed up for hours in a long metal tube with people sneezing and coughing was to me, a waking nightmare.

Then three days before I went on vacation, my mum who is staying with us for a few weeks, was watching the television show The Shark Tank, (which I don't watch), and as I passed the TV, there was a man on the show trying to get backing for a product that would literally make my traveling on a train or a plane or going into hospitals not such a nightmare. In fact, now I could literally breathe much easier.

The product is basically a breathing mask, that filters out pollutants and pathogens, that fits right over each nostril. It's called First Defense Nasal Screens, and it is a small oval bandage with a filter that fits over the nostril. You wear one on each nostril.

At first I was self conscious when I put them on in the plane, but no one even noticed, and then on the return flight we put them on in the airport after TSA, and no one blinked. They did not hinder my breathing at all, and when the sneezing and coughing started in the shut plane, I was able to breathe easy.

I since wore them when I recently went to my quarterly checkup at the hospital, and the only people that noticed the shields thought I had done something to my nostrils.

So if you are traveling, I highly recommend these products if you are apprehensive about sneezers and coughers. The pach contain seven sets of two nasal filters and can be bought on Amazon or here at the manufacturer's website.



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  1. Wow, that’s quite a discovery! I hope it works really well for you. Do make sure it’s safe, okay?


    1. Basil Rene says:

      The way I figure it, it is better than having nothing at all. The only draw back is I haven’t figured out a way to use my oxygen with them.


      1. I see. Then again, the reason you use these is mostly so that you won’t have to cover your nose conspicuously and/or run away. I believe you use your oxygen very much in private so I guess you don’t really have to use them. Though I really do get your point, especially if it’s been working very well and makes you feel better.


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