Lonliness Really Does Not Have To Exist

Don't get me wrong. I love my wife and love spending every minute with her, but I am perfectly fine if she has to go away for a few days, or if I am away on business, which I am very frequently in summer. I miss her, but I am fine alone.

A few years ago, my wife went to her family for Christmas and I stayed home with the kids. Plus, with my conditions, we weren't too enthusiastic for me to travel internationally. I was alone for Christmas and New Years. Friends invited me over to their houses so I would not be alone, but I declined. I was fine to be at home with the pups and kitty, curled up on the couch in a fuzzy blanket watching Love Actually for the umpteenth time. Yes, I am one of those men that is not ashamed to say he loves romantic comedy. Give me a chick flick anytime, and if it warrants it, I would shamelessly shed a tear. And give me an action flick anytime time too, Iam a guy afterall, but I am not one of those men that has to prove his masculinity by being a Neanderthal idiot.

I know that for many, this time of the year is difficult. But in essence, it does not have to be. Once you learn to be happy with yourself, to enjoy your own company, to be one with yourself, it would get easier I am sure.

I am no psychologist by any means, but to me the cure for lonliness is to learn to be alone. People would say to go out and be around other people, but isn't that just a band aid? That is just a temporary fix. Don't you still have to come home and be alone?

My advice would be to consiously take some time for yourself alone some where. I mean truly alone. No one else around you. Just sit for five minutes alone and close your eyes and truly just try to enjoy the silence, the quiet, the tranquility of being with yourself. No pressure to make conversation. No one to impress. No one to consider other than your self. If you make the five minutes, then after a week, try ten, then the next week fifteen and so on. Do it until you can truly enjoy and be comfortable with your own company, and then being lonely would be something in your past. Once you enjoy your own company, you will never be lonely again.

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