Is It Ever Possible To Blog Without Ego?

I have trying to live my life without ego as much as I can, and have been readung a bit about it here and there. I recently read where one person claims that he lives an ego free life and I thought to myself, Isn’t that your ego talking?

If you are human, you can’t ever truly be free of your ego, but learning to put it aside in most aspects, especially in day to day decisions has been very helpful. I find myself a lot calmer and my responses are a lot different. People don’t piss me off nearly as much, and dealing with ego driven people from an ego free perspective has become so much easier. Although in all honestly, jerks still piss me off, but I am learning to deal differently with them.

Blogging is a different kettle of fish all together. Many posts I put up and just basically forget about them. And sometimes those are the ones I get the most comments, likes and hits on. Then here are those I write and as I put them up, I am really proud of them and then nothing. No comments, no likes and very few hits at all. And then the ego raises its head and begin to wonder why? I thought it was good. And then I look back at other posts that were just not as inspirational as I thought, and people are loving it.

Then I realized that those that I put up, and my ego was sure it would be a very responsive post, were probably actually written from a place of ego in the first place, an thus no one really responded. The truth is, no matter what, if you blog, you want responses, and followers and likes, so no matter what, your ego is going to get in the way. If you have never checked your stats, then you are really leading a pretty ego free life. For me however, I still check those stats every now again. Sometimes more now, than again.



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