Flashback Friday: A Stroke Of Reality

Originally Posted February 3 2011

I was asked to participate in a study involving persons that had either strokes or TIAs. Since I had a TIA in 2007 I qualify. Today was the first part where they take my weight, height, blood pressure and a blood test, after which was a survey that lasted about an hour.

The survey was truly startling, and had me feeling so appreciative of my attitude towards my conditions. The majority of the questions dealt with depression, suicidal thoughts and attempts, feelings of despair, feelings of worthlessness.

That really was a wake up call that so many people do not and are unable to handle their illnesses at all. One of the questions was to what degree I felt that having my TIA was a negative aspect in my life. My answer was none. I have always seen my TIA as a blessing. Had I not had it, the chain of events that followed to reveal my heart failure would have never happened, and I would surely be dead.

I told the survey taker this she said there was no option for that answer. That was a revelation that everybody is expected by the medical field and the pharmaceutical companies to be angry, upset, depressed, feeling despair, feeling worthless and suicidal when confronted with a chronic illness. And why not? There is a pill for that …



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  1. mgbemena91 says:

    I love this! What a nice piece and well put together.


  2. Very well written and your right they always just want to give us pills, so glad you can see things positively x

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