Remembering A Gift From An Angel

A few years ago, when I lived in the DC area, we went into DC to see the Christmas decorations and weren't sure about the parking regulations at the area we were at.

There was a homeless man sitting not too far away and I rolled down the window and asked if knew if it was okay to park there. He told me no, that I would be towed away. I thanked him and offered him $5.00 as a gift of thanks.

He got up and came over for the money and as he took it he thanked me and told me that he doesn't take charity, and he has to work for the money. I told him that giving the info to prevent being towed away was more than worth the $5.00.

He said that his information was his gift to me, and he would like to work for his money. He asked if he could sing a carol for us and I accepted. He stooped down at the side of the car and sang in the most beautiful voice “Silent Night”. The rendition was so beautiful and genuine that it brought tears to my eyes.

I thanked him, told him it was beautiful and he got up and returned to his seat against the building. I drove off and parked around the corner were he said it was legal to park. As we got out of the car I peeped around to see if he was still there and he wasn't. No sign of him at all. It was if an angel came to us that night to remind us exactly what Christmas is all about.



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