An Anniversary Of Angelic Intervention

Thirty three years ago tonight, at the age of nineteen, a neighbor that was about my age, who I really did not know very well, saw me in my front yard and came over to talk. He pointed to a house about three houses away from mine, obliquely opposite, and asked me if I ever saw the girl that lived there.

I was fairly new to the neighborhood as we only moved in a few months, and I spent most of my time away in my old town with my old friends, so I had not really seen anyone from this new neighborhood. I told him that I had no idea who lived in that house.

He told me that in that house was a girl that had seen me, and she was very eager to meet with me. He asked if I was open to meeting her and being free, single and disengaged, I agreed. So we walked over to her house, he introduced us and the rest was history. It was love at first sight. She was beautiful, smart and funny.

I would later find out that earlier that day, this same neighbor went over to her house, and told her the same thing, that I had seen her, was interested to meet her, and if she was open to meeting me. She too had never seen me before in her life, but also agreed to meet me.

Thirty three years later we are still together, still in love and very happy. Without my beautiful wife, I would not be alive today. We still love to tell that story when people ask how we met. Neither of us were friends with or even really knew the guy that well. We both think that something of a higher order made him bring us together, and for that, what ever angels pushed him to do it, I am forever grateful.



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