Don’t Stress To Impress

As I watch people flying crazily through the streets with despair in their eyes, I realize that they all have forgotten the reason for the season. What began as an ancient pagan festival where people put gifts for nature under a tree in the forest was turned into cutting down the tree, dragging it indoors and giving gifts to ourselves.

I listen to people stress about how much more shopping they have to do and I realize just how much of that stress is to impress. “Look what I got for you! Isn't it the best gift ever? Am I not the greatest gift giver ever? Isn't my gift your most favorite? Please like me!”

I wish everyone would just stop for a second and just give from the heart. Give a gift not because you worry what others will think of you. Give a gift as a true mark of appreciation for the person that you are giving the gift too. Give a gift not to impress, but one that just says “I appreciate and am grateful for you”. Don't stress to impress. If you really don't want to give a particular some one a gift, but you are doing it to impress, then just remember, it's not a gift. It's a payment. A payment for them to like you.

Here is hoping that the rest of the Christmas/Channuka/Kwanza season is a happy one for everyone.



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  1. Open Up Life says:

    Every word of this post is right on. Loved reading. The best gift is not material, but something from the heart, a smile, helping a friend, or creating something with your own two hands. Thank you for sharing your insight. Peace, love, blessings.~Tammy

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