Just How/Do Would You Respond To This?

I get all types of emails regarding my blog, but yesterday I received the most bizarre one yet. I won’t bother to go into who wrote it or put all of the totally insane content of the email, but this one part I found really, really odd.

” …. and you have had your blog up since 2010, and you have less than 300 people following your blog. You are PATHETIC!!!.”

I never commented on this persons blog, liked any of their posts, or even visited their blog prior to getting this email. I have no idea at all who this person is. I thought of replying but that just gives them the attention they are seeking. I originally decided not to post about this, as by my writing this, it feeds their insanity.

I decided to post about it, however because the fact is, I didn’t know how many people followed my blog until they told me. I just ever really cared about the numbers. I never checked to see how many followers I have on Twitter either. Facebook, I know, because it is right there when I sign in.

I never created this blog to gather numbers. I did this for me, as a place for me to vent. I never expected a “following” because my blog is not about fashion, or food, or style, or real estate, or anything that most people are out their searching for. I write about my life. And I am not famous, or well read, or even a good writer, so the fact that nearly 301 (I checked) people actually follow my blog and want to read what I write amazes me.

So to you crazy person, congratulations on having those followers. You are obviously providing something that those people enjoy, and I hope you continue to grow your following as that seems to be your priority. May you find, peace, joy and sanity.

I wonder though, what would you, the readers of this blog, do if you got a letter like that? How would you answer something so bizarre?

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  1. I have to agree, that is pretty bizarre, and while I have not had a message like that – I can understand that it must have come as something of a shock at the nerve of someone that you haven’t come across before. Scams don’t usually come with a personal attack. Then again, like you said it might have been to get attention. Either way, its unsettling. I would have trashed that sort of thing myself.

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      I though it might be spam too. Safer not to reply.

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  2. Liberal Soul says:

    I wont answer him/her. Ignoring is the best response. Maximum ill send him “ok”. He wanted to tell me something, i acccept it. OK.

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      Oh yes. I love to use that response with really annoying people


  3. I would have told them to kiss my ass and fuck off. 🙂

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  4. Hey,
    Sorry that happened to you! I actually had what I affectionately called a stalker when I first started my blog. This person would send me the craziest messages, similar to the one you got. Mean stuff – told me that I was a terrible writer, that I had no imagination, that I was a hack. And this person didn’t even have their own blog. I could not for the life of me figure out why the person would continue to read my blog if they hated it so much. My approach was not to respond at all to anything. It went on for months. My stalker was patient and really tried to get my goat. I haven’t heard from this person in a long time now and if I ever do again their message would go right in the trash. It can be unnerving to get messages like that but crazy people are everywhere…probably most especially on the internet. My stalker was so nuts that I ended up just feeling sorry for her/him…whoever it was! Don’t give it a second thought. Keep doing what you are doing…it’s good stuff.

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      Thanks. A stalker in the start. Scary. I hope mine does not turn out to be one


  5. laura says:

    first to be safe for yourself for so many reason…just ignore, but it just doesn’t mater. Like you said, you said doing this for your self, but actually in your own help it is helping so many others. Thank you!! He or she Is nothing to worry about, nothing to help nor hinder you.

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  6. I would have fully considered it spam too and deleted it without another thought.

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