When Reality Slaps You In The Face And Says To Shut The Hell Up

It's a new year, and with it comes changes to my health insurance. My old plan paid for everything and I mean everything. Last year for my ICD replacement, the cost all together was $70,000.00, and out of that, I had to pay a whopping $10.00. There is one medication that I take that costs $7,900.00 a month. I pay nothing. So you get the idea. It paid for everything and I paid nothing more than $10.00. Alas, Obamacare changed all that. The insurance company discontinued my old plan and I had to take one of the “Obamacare” plans. And now my insurance costs out of pocket has sky rocketed.

The thing is, I was bitching and moaning about it to myself, and it was really annoying me, until the other night when I went to the pharmacy to pick up my last batch of prescriptions that we're going to be “cheap” before the new year.

I was at the counter collecting my multiple bottles of pills when I was all geared up to bitch and moan with my pharmacist about what I had to pay next year. When I got to the counter, he asked how I spent my Christmas and what plans I had for the New Year. When I said “… and my insurance costs are going to go up …”, he cut me off and said “Crazy right? My deductible is now $6,000 and my copay is 50%, and my wife lost her insurance”

I shut up. I realized that I had insurance and my out of pocket, although more than the last few years, was not as bad as I thought. There are people with no insurance still. And that is a scary thought. My medical costs are high, and I have insurance that my job pays for. I don't pay towards the premium at all. So why am I bitching and moaning? Because I am human and that's what we do. Just so long as we do it for a minute and get back to reality.

Did the new insurance laws affect you too?


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  1. Yes it has changed. Costs more of course. I feel so bad for the young people just starting out. They don’t stand a chance, most of them. If they went to college and had to pay for that themselves, they have huge college debt. Then they HAVE to have health insurance, besides car insurance, and the deductible is outrageous ($2,500) before the insurance starts to cover anything in most cases. My heart goes out to them especially if they have health issues that they must have treatments for…and those of us with life threatening diseases.

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      I don’t follow politics, but I think this whole health care reform, although admirable, has turned and slapped everyone in the face. The insurance companies have millions to spend on lawyers to find work arounds the law. They are a for profit industry, and that’s the bottom line. Unfortunately, everyone suffers. The deductibles are crazy now and not everyone has that money on hand. I too feel for those that still can’t afford it and those that can barely make the premiums.

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