3 Super Quick Movie Reviews

I saw three movies this week and here are my reviews:

Into The Woods

Three classic fairy tales, melded together, then go to what happens after happily ever after. Lots of singing. Like Broadway? You'll like. Don't? You won't.




Moses thinks he's a prince. Learns he's a Hebrew. Has an identity crisis and gets all broody. Pharaoh has some self esteem and daddy issues. God's messenger is one angry little dude. God wrecks havoc and gets his way. Hebrews run. Egyptians drown. Hebrews roam. Moses leads. Willing to see a new take on the old classic. Go. Looking for the classic? Don't.

The Interview

Two guys interview Korea's leader. CIA ask them to kill him. They agree. Lots of blunders. Lots of laughs. There's love. There's mild nudity. There's action. There's funny. It's online. Cheaper than going to the movie theater. Like tongue in cheek slapstick? Rent. Don't. Watch TV


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