Flashback Friday: Ready, Aim, Heal

Originally posted March 9, 2011

I started this blog last year on the 4th anniversary of my open lung biopsy which definitively diagnosed my pulmonary sarcoidosis. I started it not as an informative blog, but as a blog about my personal experiences with the disease sarcoidosis. If you are a follower of my blog, you would realize that my running theme is positivity helps in healing, and healing can only be achieved by you, no one else.

Over the past eleven months, the blog has developed a modest readership, and often enough I get direct emails from people living with Sarcoidosis asking me how to get better. I recently wrote a blog in response to one of those emails entitled “Have A Little Faith”. In that blog I expressed how the power of positive thinking and having faith in yourself is the only way to really heal yourself.

If you are new to my blog, I was diagnosed with pulmonary sarcoidosis in 2006. In 2007 after having a mini stroke, I learned that I have a hole in my heart and while the hole was being repaired, they discovered that my heart was in failure and that the sarcoidosis spread to the heart (check My Story for more details). Since then I have developed pulmonary hypertension and it was also discovered that the plug to close the heart was not a total success and the hole still leaks. The combination of my conditions, according to the six specialists that I see, should have rendered me somewhat incapacitated. I am however, able to function pretty normally and be very active. When I was first diagnosed with heart failure, my ejection fraction was low enough to have a conversation about heart transplant. I was told the heart failure would not get better, but would get worse. Four years later the doctors are scratching their heads as my ejection fraction is now up to 45%, my heart has reduced in size, and scarring on the lungs is clearing up.

Last week I received yet another email from a reader that was obviously annoyed with me. They said that there was no way that just positive thinking and faith could help me so much. Here’s an excerpt from the email.

…there is no way that positive thinking, meditation and what ever else you do can allow cardiac sarcoidosis, an irreversable disease, to reverse itself. No one’s heart gets better from that, so how could your’s. You MUST be doing something else that you are either not telling us about, or you are not aware of. There must be something in your subconscious that is helping you. Think. Really, really think. Go deep within yourself and tell me, what is it that is really helping you to heal you?

I read that and thought to myself that person was now desperate and reaching for straws. They want answers, and I could not offer that. I just ignored the plea, and decided I will just write them back and tell them I had no answers. I never got around to it, and was going to do that today, when I received a renewal form in the mail. This was for something I had signed up when I was first diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 2006. I literally never think about it. Once a year I get a renewal form, I fill it out and send it back, and forget about it until the following year. It’s the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing. I can’t exactly explain what it is or how it works, but here is an excerpt from their site:

The AIM Program – A powerful spiritual technology that allows you to self-heal 24/7!

Everything is energy, therefore everything has a frequency. Imbalances are energetic vibrations that are not in harmony with our natural state of well being. Each imbalance has a frequency that can be brought into balance and neutralized by applying a balancing energy. The AIM Program is a process performed by exposing your photograph to subtle-energy balancing frequencies. EMC² uses both the QED and QID to assist them in identifying energetic imbalances and delivering balancing frequencies.

I sent them a photograph of myself, and that was it. They do all the rest. I can’t say that yes, this is the reason that I am better than I should be, but I do wonder, now for the first time in five years of being on the program, if it did not have some significant part to play in my body’s ability to adjust to the conditions that I have. It’s not like I have gone around for the past five years thinking “The AIM program is gonna heal me”.

I could go into a whole long explanation of the AIM program and the facilitator of it, EMC2 – The Energetic Church of conciousness, but best if you read their explanation of the process your self. I don’t know if it works. It could be a whole load of BS for all I know, but I am better than the doctors say I should be, and maybe it’s not just positive thinking and faith alone that has gotten here today. For more information on the AIM program, check out The Energetic Church of Consciousness.

Update: I am still on the AIM program and still literally never think about it, and my condition still continues to improve and doctors are still scratching their heads.



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  1. Interesting. Whatever it is that’s making you better is a good thing. I hope it continues.

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