You Say You Are An Animal Lover. Then Why Are You Secretly Toturing Animals In Your Shower?

You hear people proclaim their love of animals all the time. My wife and I are the guardians of three dogs, one cat and an outdoor cat that lives on the property. Yes, we are animals lovers, but unlike most of the other animal lovers out there, we are not secretly torturing animals in our shower, or in our kitchen, or our laundry room. And you may not realize that you too are also torturing helpless animals in your shower.


How? Check the products that you use in everyday life. Does it say on the back “Not tested on animals”? No? Then you are unknowingly contributing to the unnecessary torture of animals that are used to test the safety of the products you are using. Think about that for a minute. For every bottle of shampoo you buy that is not animal friendly, some poor rabbit or cute beagle is having concentrated amounts of that shampoo poured into their eyes to see if it burns. If ever you got shampoo, diluted to boot, in your eyes, you know it burns. Think about those poor animals in a lab with that crap in their eyes and no one is even washing it out because they want to see the effect. Sick. The Lysol company forces animals to drink their product to see what will happen if you decide to drink Lysol. If you are stupid enough to drink Lysol, then you deserve what’s coming to you. Not some innocent beagle in a cage. The list of products that are tested on animals is insane. Beauty products are one of the biggest culprits.

If you really do care about animals, I beg that you seriously purchase only animals that are not tested on animals. You will be surprised the amount of companies that still do animal testing. And be careful about some companies wording. Take for instance Estée Lauder. They claim they do not test on animals. But check their fine print. ” … unless required by law”. That means they are testing on animals, bottom line.

Use your bathroom, kitchen, laundry and other household products with a clear consciouse. Check this link to see if the products you use are contributing to animal cruelty, and stop using them. Look for the bunny on the back or the “Not tested on animals” imprint. This link is to a site that lists companies that do not test on animals. Please check the list and switch to those products instead.




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  1. Those pics are horrific and will give me nightmares, but I appreciate this post because it reminds me to do better at label reading. I am getting much better looking at “NON GMO” and looking for “no parabens”, etc. But I need to find the “unless required by law” thing somewhere, too. And, thankfully I do NOT wear Estee Lauder!

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