I Don’t Want To Know You And My Dogs Don’t Want To Know Your Dog Either

Yesterday my wife and I took our two boys to the beach for a walk. We left the girl at home because she's old now and can't tollerate the cold very well. She's really not interested anymore either.

While on the beach, a woman came along with her dog that was unleashed. The law is, dogs leashed at all times. Our dogs were leashed. The thing is, our dogs don't like other dogs, and as her dog approached, our dogs began to bark their heads off. And her dog kept coming, and with its hackles raised. Yet she would not call back her dog.

I eventually had to shout at her to call back her dog, but still she wouldn't. I shouted at her again to call back her dog and she eventually did. Then she said “It's okay, my dog is friendly”. What? No, it's not okay. I could give a damn if your dog is friendly. My dogs aren't and neither am I.

And that is what I really dislike with some dog guardians. They have no respect for anybody else's space. They use their dogs as a social pawn to befriend other dog guardians. If you are lonely and looking for friends, then take your dog to a dog park where the dogs are free to be off a leash and play with each other and you can socialize with other dog guardians. If I want to make friends I'll go to a social event. Otherwise, just stay the hell away from me and my babies.



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  1. I totally get what you are saying. Our dogs are friendly and so am I (ha,ha) but we don’t impose them on other people. It’s just plain RUDE! You never know how other dogs (or people) will respond to your dogs and it is asking for trouble not to maintain control over them. This can even happen at the dog park though too. One of our dogs, who was minding her own business, was attacked by another dog at the dog park and that dog owner didn’t leave with this dog. He SHOULD have been mortified and left but he didn’t. Not even after I suggested that he remove his dog. Jerk! Some people just don’t get it.

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      That’s just crazy! In general, I find more and more people should not have pets.

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      1. Or children for that matter! LOL!

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        1. Basil Rene says:

          Oh that is so, so, so true. Yesterday in traffic, this woman in a mini that was along side me got out of the van and opened the back door to put on the child’s seat belt (I guess the child took it off or she forgot), then got back in the driver’s seat and drove off with the back door wide open.


  2. Frodo, my dog, is like yours. He’s not a fan of other dogs per say. He goes on the defense when he sees other dogs, and would probably be nice once they got to sniff each other, but I don’t take any chances. He’s softly bitten before, I don’t put it passed him to bite harder if he felt threatened. So, I’m with you on this. Keep your doggies away from my doggie unless otherwise directed.

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      It’s just a respect of space thing with many people don’t seem to have, even without their dogs too


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