Happy Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day. A day of so many emotions for so many people. There are those young ladies, and men, that are hoping, expecting, yearning for that elusive proposal over a candle lit dinner at a dimly lit, expensive restaurant tonight. There are those men, and women that are stressed out because they are going to propose, or even more stressed because they are not and they know their partner is hoping, expecting, praying for a proposal.

Wives and husbands that are angry because the light has gone out in their marriage and every where they look, there are constant reminders of how far their love has split, wondering if they could ever heal the chasm.

Widows and widowers that are lonely and long for the touch, the smell and the company of the person with whom they were supposed to spend the rest of their lives with.

Divorcees that are constantly reminded of the mistake they made, the years wasted on another, the time never to recover.

Those that hate the day and what they see as the commercialism of another day. A day that just pisses them off, not because they don't have love, but because they see it as a day that everyone else clamors to prove their love when it should be a daily sentiment.

There are those that are young, in love and happy, anxious and yearning for the night to come to spend it with their new found love, to show that they are the one, and that they have found the one.

And there are those, like me that are neutral. I see it for all that it is, the commercialism, the stress, the joy. But I see it as another extra day to show and tell my wife just how much I love and appreciate and how happy I am that she is in my life. Never miss an opportunity or wait for one special day in the year to say or show your love and appreciation for another.



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