Snapshots Of My Life: Deep Breaths

Last night my wife and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond, and while we were there, the store was virtually empty and an announcement came over the PA system for a security check in section four. That's where my wife was, and she said a clerk came into the lane she was in, alone, looked at her and then loudly called back to the front “It's okay”.
Then when we went to check out I swiped my credit card and the clerk at the front, the one I assume called for the security check on my wife, asked for my credit card to verify the signature. She looked at the signature and then told me to show some ID as my signature on the card didn't look like a signature but as if someone scrawled with a pen across the back.

I seriously wanted to jump over the counter and throw the fool out into the snow, but I took a deep breath and handed over my ID as she requested. She made some stupid joke but I didn't hear what she said as I was too busy imagining her with her head stuck in the pile of snow outside.



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