Winter Is Ripping Apart My Hands

I'll admit that I am a germaphobe to a certain extent, but I am not OCD. I do wash my hands a lot, I am a chef after all and this winter is torture on my hands. The skin is already thin from being on prednisone for so many years, and add to that the extreme cold and dry air, and it's a recipe for really dry hands.

Mine are now cracking and bleeding. Not a really good thing to be happening when you are cooking. I can't find a really good hand moisturizer that is organic and cruelty free that works for me. I guess I need to apply constantly. Wash hands then moisturizer right after.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



Written by Basil Rene

I maintain two separate blogs. One is where I discuss my life with sarcoidosis and the other is, where as the name implies, I talk about food.


  1. Use Johnson’s Liquid Baby Soap- it really helps with dry hands.
    Love your Blog. You see things in a unique and interesting way that I always look forward to. You motivate me to live each day rather then getting bogged down with the routine of chronic pain and illness. Take care and be well.

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  2. This is not organic so you probably won’t go for it but I lather on a bunch of Vaseline and throw on a clean pair of my husband’s old sweat socks overnight and my hands are smooth as a baby’s bottom by morning. Perhaps lathering up with coconut oil and using the socks would do the trick.

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