Why Do Receptionists And Nurses Question You

I am in either a doctor's office at least every month, and every time I go, sometimes the receptionists will do it, but the nurses always do it. They ask me what am I in for today? Why? Do they hold a doctor's degree and will be conferring with the doctor to come up with a treatment plan prior to the doctor seeing me? I have no idea why they ask because even if I do say why I am there, the doctor always comes in and ask me what am I in here for today.

It's like those annoying automated voice prompt phone systems where you go through all the menus and give all your info and then it eventually transfers you to a live person and they ask you for your info all over again.

Now, if I get those phone systems, I just say ” Speak to a representative”, and as for the nurses and especially the receptionist, I say “a recheck”.


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  1. OMG…you’re right…they do do this and now it’s going to annoy me! Thanks! LOL!

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      Glad I could add an extra irritant to your life! 😀


      1. Going to the doctor a every other week is already irritating enough….LOL! It won’t really annoy me but I’ll be sure to notice now…and then I’ll chuckle and think of you.

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