Flashback Friday: Let Yourself Be

Originally posted to my blog on May 10, 2011

As I browse the sarcoidosis and heart failure blogs, they all seem to have a common theme going on now, and that is frustration. Frustration with the condition, frustration with friends and family, and frustration with having to keep up appearances.

One of the sarcoidosis blogs I follow is over at “Chronic Town”, and she had a beautifully written post this week expressing her feelings about her frustration with her good days, and friends and family not understanding when the next day is a down day.

Please take a moment to read her post here. This is my comment to her blog post, which I thought I would share with everyone, because it was going to be a post for my blog, but here it ended up being a mini post:

“It seems that we, chronic sufferers of sarcoidosis, according to all the blogs by such, are all feeling frustrated with ourselves and our illness. Is it the season? Is it that we all get flare ups because of our heightened immune response? What ever it is, we are feeling it in unison, so it helps to know we are not alone. We seem to be all feeling what you are feeling, and you have been able to so eloquently put it here. Keep your chin up, and damn it, put it down when you feel like crap and to hell with everyone else. We need to be able to feel bad when we do and not worry about everybody else. They are feeling well? Let them enjoy it for us while we curl up and wait for our crappy day(s) to pass. I guess as much as we hate it, it is out life now, and we, and especially “they”, have to get over it.”



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  1. Twyla Holman says:

    I well said !!! Some of my daughters act like I don’t have a chronic condition, and don’t even know when I go in for a procedure or seem mad on days that I’m tired . I think they are mad at me for having a chronic illness !!!

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