Sometimes Inconveniences Can Be Subtle Messages From The Universe

Yesterday, I went into Mt. Sinai for my quarterly pulmonary sarcoidosis work up, and like a good little Boy Scout ( yes, I was for all of two minutes), I had all my ducks in a row. (Who came up with saying anyway? Why do you want to put ducks in a row unless you have serious OCD? But I digress). Long story short, Mt. Sinai claims they don't take my insurance, despite my insurance company saying they do. This same thing happened with my PCP, until they updated their insurance info the second week of January. I am assuming that Mt. Sinai still has not updated their insurance info as yet, because, as I said, they are the model of efficiency.

I could have gotten pissed and looked at it as a wasted day as it takes about an hour and a half to get into the city with traffic, but as I wrote before, I use these trips as opportunities to do do things, so I met my brother, who works in the city, for lunch.

But beyond that, as I was going over the insurance stuff with the reception staff, I wondered if this was the universe telling it was time to move on. My electrophysiology doctor has the personality of a lemon, and my sarcoidosis specialist is pretty much afraid to do anything.

When I saw Dr. Tierstien, he would take me off medications as we went along and I got better, but not so with my new doctor. I have gotten better, but this doctor doesn't want to “mess with things”. I fully understand that point of view, but I also saw Dr. Tierstien's view too. So I was contemplating moving to another hospital. Plus my PCP has been hinting the same. Even if the do settle the insurance nonsense, I think it's time to move on. And I think the universe is nudging me along. Best to take action before the universe punches me in the face later on.



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  1. So frustrating at times to know what the best thing to do is when you have chronic illnesses that really need to be cared for and monitored. I hope things work out well for you. Is Sarcoidosis a slow progressive disease? I have Pleuroparenchymal Lung changes on CT scans that are being watched closely (along with PH due to Left Ventricular Dysfunction and a host of other chronic issues to add to the chronic illness list).

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      Sarcoidosis is an inflamatory disease that affects different tissue in the body of unknown cause and has no known cure. It can affect some people Micky for a short period of time and it can be a chronic debilitating disease in others. It can even be fatal. I have an infographic on a page that describes the disease. Check it out here:

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  2. Twyla Holman says:

    Sounds like it , I would move on !

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      Thanks Twyla. That’s what I think too, even if the eventually work out the whole insurance thing.


  3. I feel so totally ignorant to comment on this, as I’m not in this situation myself. However, my husband has over the last years had to deal with some medical care (The Netherlands), and I do think it’s crucial that you fully trust and feel confident with your specialists (which he does, luckily). And that you trust your own gut feeling, because it’s about you!

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      So true! Many people don’t follow their intuition and live (or die) to regret it. If my intuition ever gives any reason to question a procedure, I cancel it. I a doctor doesn’t feel right, I find another.


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