Hollywood, Stop Messing With Me

Last night I started to watch “The Last King Of Scotland”, a movie about the Ugandan dictator, Idi Amin and his friendship with his personal doctor, who was his closest advisor.

I love biographies, and this movie, at the very start said “based on actual people and events”. Well, what could be better than a bio-pic? As the movie went along, Forest Whitaker was excellent, and the chemistry of the actors was really good, I really began to get invested in the characters, especially the doctor, and the predicament he was starting to find himself in.

I have a habit of googling the people in the story after I watch the movie to see what they really looked like. For some reason, half way through the movie, I decided to google this doctor in this movie based on a true story, and guess what? He never existed. It was all made up. Idi Amin had a British soldier that became his advisor, not a Scottish doctor.

Boy was I mad that I wasted an hour on a made up story. Oh, wait! It was “based” on a real person and events. Translation: Idi Amin was real, the rest of the shit we made up. Same thing happened to me with “The Perfect Storm”. The satellite stories in the movie were real, but the actual movie's main story was all conjecture. I was so pissed when I walked out the cinema with that one too.

My lesson? If it says “based” on a true story, take that with a grain of salt.


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