Too Tired To Get Out Of Bed? Take That opportunity To Do Something With Your Life

“What the hell are you talking about Basil? How could my staying in bed be an opportunity to do something with my life?” you ask. It's simple really. There are a lot of people out their in the world with Chronic illnesses that cause them to have no energy to do a lot of physical activity, and the lay there and get really frustrated with them selves and their lives and the world in general. They write blogs or comment on posts about their frustration.

And that's just it. You are not too tired to write blog posts or read blogs and comment, so take that as an opportunity. Why not do an online course? There are tons of online courses that anyone can take and some are even free. I love to write, and I am currently working on a memoir of my life, but what about making money otherwise from writing? What about being a Freelance writer? I just signed up to do an online Freelance writing course over at

Don't look at every obstacle as a block to your path, but rather an opportunity to change your course to a new, and maybe even better destination.


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