The Plight Of Taking My Breaths Away From Home

Oxygen. We all take it for granted, but some of us don’t get enough, and we have to be on oxygen therapy. Luckily, I don’t need to be on oxygen 24 hours a day. I only need to use it when I am sleeping and when I am exerting myself. At rest, sitting watching TV etc., I am fine without it.

For my portable oxygen, I use liquid oxygen. For those that don’t know, the liquid oxygen is delivered in a large tank, which has a filling nozzle at the top. To that nozzle I attach my portable unit, and the Portable unit fills with enough oxygen to last me about six hours.

Therein lies my predicament. I travel for work almost every weekend in the summer months, and I can’t lug around the huge tank that I would need to refill the portable unit. It weighs close to a hundred pounds, and transporting it is not the safest thing in the world to do. So by the time I get to my weekend destination, I have no air for the weekend. So I have to take my stationary oxygen concentrator which I use for sleep. An oxygen concentrator is machine that extracts removes the nitrogen from the air, and leaves you with 90% pure oxygen. It weighs around 35 pounds.

That unit is cumbersome, and is a hassle to take around with me, especially when checking into hotels. And if I am flying, rather than driving, I can’t take either unit with me, so I have no oxygen at all for the weekend. I manage, but it’s not the best for me to be without it.

I started researching other ways of getting my supplemental oxygen, and found this company, Inogen, that makes a portable oxygen concentrator that weighs just five pounds and replaces my liquid oxygen and stationary concentrator. It is also certified for airplane use too so I can take it with me when flying. It works on batteries or can plug into the wall or car. Sounds really like what I need.

Keeping my fingers crossed that insurance approves it!I called the company last Thursday, and there is the option to buy the unit, or rent. If I rent, there is the better chance that my insurance will pay for it. It will just be as if I switched oxygen providers. I will find out later today if my insurance company has approved me for it, and if they do, no more hassle of having to wait for oxygen deliveries, or going without oxygen on trips. And I forgot to mention that the liquid oxygen tanks that I get delivered are so disgustingly dirty, that it is ridiculous. I have to wipe them down with antibacterial wipes, but they are still disgusting looking.



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  1. Traveling oxygen tanks and tubing looks so cumbersome. I hope your insurance approves you for what makes life easier for you.

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      They didn’t. 😶
      I ended up buying it myself


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