My Intial Thoughts On The Inogen One G3 POC

The Inogen One G3

I recently wrote a blog post about getting rid of my liquid portable oxygen and getting a personal oxygen concentrator [Click here to read the post]. The new unit, an Inogen One G3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator, was delivered on Friday and here are my initial thoughts on the unit.

The unit comes with a wall plug, a car charger carrying bag and the choice of two battery sizes. There is a four hour battery and an eight hour battery. I opted for the eight hour battery as it just made more sense to have a battery that lasts longer. The unit can be used with battery or plugged in to the wall or car charger. It will recharge the battery while you are plugged in and using it.

The unit itself is fairly small. Compared to my liquid oxygen unit, it is a little wider, but shorter and thinner. As far as weights go, when filled and in its carrying bag, the liquid oxygen unit weighs 6 pounds, 5 oz. My Inogen unit, with the larger battery in its carrying case is 6 pounds, 6 oz.

The Inogen only comes with a shoulder bag, but there is an available backpack for $99.00. I prefer the backpack, so I ordered it for my unit. The Inogen shoulder bag does not come with any pocket at all which I find somewhat strange. Where I am supposed to put my nasal canulla when it is not in use? Somewhat of a design flaw there.

The Inogen unit can be paid for through Medicare and some private insurance. Mine did not pay for it, so I decided to just buy it outright. It can also be financed through Inogen if you choose. They start at $2,495.00 and have a three year warranty. You can also buy a lifetime warranty for $1,000.00, but I chose not to as in three or four years, I am sure the units will be smaller and more efficient. My configuration with the eight hour battery instead of the four hour battery was $2,631.00.

The great thing about the Inogen unit is it can be used on an airplane, and it can be your stand alone unit, in that it can be used as your in home concentrator. I chose to still have an in home unit and use this strictly as a portable. I haven’t used it in the “wild” as yet, so as soon as I have, I will give my thoughts on its use.









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