This Inter-Dimensional Travel Is Exhausting

What a weird day. I must be doing some major Inter-dimension travel. Last week I spoke to my doctor's nurse to arrange some tests and to make an appointment to see him. She told me she would put in the orders for the tests and gave an appointment to see my doctor at 10:45 yesterday. I got there and I wasnot on the schedule. I called my doctor's nurse and she told me she never spoke to me last week at all. Huh? But I did a bunch of tests the day before which she ordered. She said she never spoke to me. Okaaaayyy.

Then last night I went to the nearby high school for a writing class I registered for via email. I received a confirmation from someone called Alice the week before. I showed up to the high school and saw on a knitting class and a yoga class on the schedule. I spoke with the person in charge and he told me that there is no writing class at all on the schedule. He called someone and they confirmed there was no writing class. Okaaayyy.

I got home and checked the email confirmation for a number and left a message for Alice who called me back and said the course was cancelled and she notified everyone. Well, I didn't get any call. She said the reason she did not call me is because I was not registered. I told her I got a confirmation from her via email. She told me she never emailed me. Okaaayyy.

I think I will get on my ship now and return to my correct dimension now. Excuse me.


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