Flashback Friday: The Nurse

Originally posted to my blog July 31, 2011

I have a real pet peeve with rudeness. It drives me up the wall, especially in the customer service area, and yes, nursing falls under that category too.I have been having a hard time with my breathing in the past couple of days and my chest hurts with every breath. I feel pressure in my throat too. I got an appointment with my doctor and went last week.

When I went to the doctor, I was brought in by a the new nurse who was fat. I am not going to be politically correct or try to be nice. She was sour, ugly and fat. She looked like Miss Piggy. Her attitude only made her look more ugly. She grunted her directions to which room I need to go to and when I walked in, the paper on the exam chair was very noticeably not changed. It was wrinkled and you could plainly see the ass marks of the previous person that sat there.

I asked if she could change the paper to which she told me it is clean. I told her no it is not, and to please change it. She sighed in disgust and pulled off only the area where the person before was seated. I asked her to change the entire sheet. I did not know if the person before me laid back bare backed to be examined. Who knows if they had sores all over their back. She got extremely annoyed and dramatically ripped the entire length of paper and placed a fresh sheet over the entire table. I thanked her and she grunted, never looking at me. She then pointed to the table and told me “sit”, and like a good puppy, I did as she instructed.

I am not a mean person. I do not insult people, shout or carry on like a fool, even when I think the other person is being a complete ass. I calmly express my displeasure or say nothing at all and bring my grievance to their superior. But this nurse was really pissing me off. I must have been having a “prednisone moment”.

She then proceeded to remove the blood pressure cuff from the wall to take my pressure. I have a thing about blood pressure cuffs and their cleanliness. I wrote an entire blog about this sometime ago. How many people have had their pressure taken with that thing. Has it ever been cleaned? So I always ask that it be wiped off prior to be placed on my skin. When I did, Miss Piggy nurse looked at me like I was an alien, got even more pissed and said ” we don’t do that”.

“I know” I said ” that’s why I am asking you to do it. There are sanitary wipes in the cupboard under the sink and could you please wipe it before using it on me?”

She again looked at me in total disbelief and sneered as she said “Boy, you are a fussy one aren’t you” and then laughed the most insulting laugh. I got pissed. Really pissed, and out came the passive aggressive prednisone monster. I could have told her she was rude, that she was insulting, that she had no manners. I could have asked for another nurse, called for her supervisor, asked her to go to hell. Instead I decided to hit her where I knew she would feel it the most. I looked at her calmly and said ” You would be fussy too when you have that baby”. She stopped and looked at me and said “I am not pregnant”, to which I replied “Oh no? You sure do look very pregnant” She left the room and never came back. A new nurse came in a couple of minutes later and silently continued.

I look back now and realize that no matter how rude she was, my comment was uncalled for. I was going below her level. I should have just asked for a new nurse, but when that prednisone demon acts up, all reasoning goes out the window.


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  1. Gosh! Aargh! I could pull off her hair in no time.

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      Then you would get your hands dirty! 😀


  2. Oh customer service rudeness is my pet peeve as well! You did your comeback reply better than I would have.

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    1. Basil Rene says:

      It was stepping down to her level, but I just couldn’t help it. She had me so pissed and it was fueled by prednisone


      1. Sometimes, it’s not really stepping down to someone’s level. Sometimes we need to teach others a lesson when their attitude is directly affecting us, especially our loved ones.

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